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A Pilots Life


Historically, IVAO tours have provided pilots with point-to-point routes where everyone always flies the same tour. While this is a great way to take in breathtaking landscapes, discover new places, and find our best aviation challenges, we have decided to do something different.....

A Pilot's Life

This IFR tour has several elements that you, the pilot, can control. YOU can choose your airline. YOU can choose your aircraft. And it's all laid out for YOU on YOUR schedule. It simulates the career of a commercial pilot. Plus, it's all automated...no paperwork to file.

This is a points-based tour. It's simple: The more you fly, the more points you earn. The better you fly, the more points you earn. The more points you earn, the more awards you earn. (Not to mention climbing up in the highscore and leaderboard!)

Before joining us on this adventure, please review the rules. They're simple and easy to follow, but they contain a lot of specifics that you need to know.

Curious about what airlines we offer for this tour? Check out the airlines tab. Of course, Wizz Air is included, but so are two others.

Already read the rules? Head over to the My Personal Settings tab and login. We just need some basic data from you so we can track your flights and contact you with your schedules. Don't worry, we promise not to send you any unsolicited e-mail or share this information with any other party.

Still have questions? Drop us a mail and we'll help you out. More importantly, have fun.


How does this tour work?
How does the paperless system work?
How do I get the on-time bonus?
The system didn't record my flight!
Are the aircraft types mandatory?
Can I select more than one type of aircraft?
Are the callsigns mandatory?
Are the times mandatory?
What is friend mode?
What does the system message mean?
What is all of the information listed in My Assignments?
The weather at my destination just got worse and I need to divert. What should I do?
What is a weather waiver?
Why can't I get more flights on a given day?
Why don't I see more flights?
What does the On Time percentage mean?